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What Our Customers Are Saying

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“At IT Haven I am treated with respect and kindness. My company works with IT Haven for telephone services. Paul, the owner, is extremely patient and has quickly helped me with any issues that have come up. IT Haven is a very honest, loyal, respectful and knowledgeable company. They will work with you to make sure they have the proper solution for your company and will always find an answer.”

Tami Rouse
R&R Healthcare Essentials, LLC

“IT Haven’s customer service and response time is unmatched by other IT companies in our area. Our company strives to use the best possible programs for our trade. IT Haven has been a wonderful resource for obtaining these new devices, having the appropriate specifications to handle all our business needs company wide.”

Ashley Phipps, Office Manager
Fowler General Construction

“IT Haven recognizes the unique needs of my businesses… IT Haven does not try to force my operations into a ‘cookie cutter mold’ of IT services. I have been impressed from day one with their professionalism, knowledge, and follow through. The number of aspects that IT Haven oversees has grown over the past year, which is proof of my satisfaction and trust in them.”

Randy Johnson, Owner
RX Pharmacy/RX Pharmacy LTC

““IT Haven always does the complete job from start to finish! IT Haven is reliable, professional and user friendly. They follow through on their service commitment. I would recommend them to anybody.”

Dee Kasten
Desert Springs Bottled Water

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Who we help

IT Haven manages a wide array of companies throughout the Columbia Basin of Washington State and Northern Oregon. Having the opportunity to work with a variety of industries has provided IT Haven the experience and knowledge of working with diverse platforms, people and environments.

One such example is the Construction Industry. The Construction Industry has become more reliant on technological advancements in the recent years. This has brought new challenges to small to mid-size Construction Companies. IT Haven has implemented technical solutions that greatly improve the workflow and productivity for these companies.

At IT Haven, we offer specialized solutions, built for each individual Company suited for their specific Industry. For the Industries which require mandated Security to maintain their credentials or licensing, such as the Healthcare and Financial Industries, we at IT Haven are knowledgeable and able to implement these requirements.

We take pride in being an important asset to all the Companies which we manage by resolving their day-to-day issues, keeping their data safe and secure, increasing productivity and helping them grow to their highest potential.


Our Services



IT Haven offers individualized IT solutions for each client on an outsourced basis for small to medium sized businesses.  



IT Haven views the security of our client’s systems and data as being a top priority.



We meet regularly with our Clients to assess and plan in order to help them grow



We offer customized phone solutions for your Business needs with great support and pricing

How We Protect your Data

Business Continuity

Includes Device Backup, Cloud Suite Backup ( Office 365 ), Workstation Backup, and Secure File Sharing Solutions

Spam Filtering

Keeps unwanted email from users – blocks malware and viruses.

DNS Filtering

Protects users from going to websites with known virus and malware risks.

Dark Web Protection

Protection from password hacking on Dark Web!

Secure Email

Secure email utilizing encryption to protect a Client’s sensitive data such as financial, health or any personal information


Protects Workstation from Viruses and Malware via an agent installed on workstation

Wondering whether your credentials are exposed on the dark web? 
We can tell you, and then monitor safely.