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Part of your obligation to them is to keep their health-related information as confidential as possible. This information includes patient health history, insurance and financial information. Should any of this information be compromised, it can hinder your ability to deliver healthcare services. 

Keeping your patient data properly backed up and protected will help you focus on what matters – the patients you care for.

Healthcare regulations change often. Every Healthcare Provider must meet new industry standards. One such standard is the conversion of all medical records into electronic files.

As the Healthcare industry is becoming more technological, it has been hit hard by cyber-attacks. Entire systems can fall victim to ransomware, locking healthcare providers out of critical patient data.

The companies affected are having to pay very large sums to recover their data! As people’s lives can quite literally depend on a healthcare provider’s ability to access their health information, there isn’t any time to waste.


While you may be taking some precautions, such as securing and backing up your sensitive data, that might not be enough. Here are some examples why:

  • If you forget to perform the backup or the backup process fails, you’re not protected.
  • If you only back up your files once a day, you risk losing of a full day’s work.
  • If your backup files are not properly validated, there may be problems when you try to use those files to restore your company’s operations.
  • If you only back up your files on-site, those too might be lost.



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If only your raw data gets backed-up, rather than all your application and server configuration files, it may take several days to restore your practice as you will also have to rebuild your servers, operating systems, applications, etc. Ultimately, there are a lot of factors to implementing a backup strategy, so it’s important to ensure you are protected.

Healthcare data breach costs average $408 per record, the highest of any industry.

If your company identifies as a business that doesn’t have the IT resources to effectively recover from a major outage, make sure you’re weighing all the factors around the costs of downtime. Here are the facts:

  • US businesses lose $12 billion annually due to data loss.
  • 93% of companies that lose their data for 10+ days file for bankruptcy within one year.


Best Practices for Healthcare IT

While you may be taking some precautions, such as securing and backing up your sensitive data, that might not be enough. Here are some examples why:

  • Outsource your company’s IT to a Company with experience in Healthcare.
  • Look for a company HIPAA Certified and is dedicated to security and compliance. (If your IT staff or Company is not HIPAA certified you could fail an audit and could face fines!)
  • Go with an IT Company who will ensure
    all hardware and software updates are done regularly and in a timely manner. 
  • It is important that your IT Company ensures complete backups are being done in a secure manner to properly to maintain full system security for your Business.

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As a health care professional, keeping your data safe is more important now than ever before.

With data breaches and HIPAA violations making headlines day-after-day, the burden to protect patient data has never been more pressing.

We can help with keeping your data safe and be HIPAA compliant!

Even though HIPAA may seem complicated, we have the solution. Our newest offering gives you an all-in-one web-based platform to address your HIPAA compliance with the help of an expert Compliance Coach to guide you every step of the way.

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