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Professionals in the Construction Industry recognize that the integration of technology from the work site to the office has become a part of their day to day operations. Yet many are still hesitant to learn about how additional technology can improve their productivity and workflow while keeping extremely valuable bids, plans, drawings, surveys and more not only safe but fully accessible. Having a partnership with the right IT experts can make the difference.

One of the challenges we have heard from our Construction Clients is the lack of having an internet connection at their work sites to be able to access all the pertinent files they need.

IT Haven has customized technical solutions to provide access to all their files, across all devices, without needing an internet connection. This has also been shown to help increase the productivity and overall workflow of their staff.

A tremendous amount of work and collaboration goes into the projects of Construction Industry professionals. Computer failures which result in work being lost can be catastrophic as deadlines are looming. More than ever, having reliable computer systems and network infrastructure is key for the success of a Company.

Let us do what we do best so you can do what you are Great at!

Like the Construction Industry, we at IT Haven build network infrastructure to be safe, secure, powerful and adaptable. If we skip steps or take short cuts, what we have built might encounter unnecessary problems. We take great pride in our work, ensuring that all our steps and processes are completed with all our projects.

Working with an experienced constructon IT service provider allows businesses to offload tasks that are difficult and/or time consuming. Protecting company data through backup and restore has long been a complicated task for companies of all sizes; IT Haven can help ensure Company data is protected from malicious or inadvertent actions, reducing business risk by putting complex tasks in the hands of experts.

Best Practices for CONSTRUCTION IT

While you may be taking some precautions, such as securing and backing up your sensitive data, that might not be enough. Here are some examples why:

  • Outsource your company’s IT to a Company with experience in Construction.
  • Look for a company that is dedicated to security and compliance.
  • Go with an IT Company who will ensure all hardware and software updates are done regularly and in a timely manner.
  • It is important that your IT Company ensures complete backups are being done in a secure manner to properly to maintain full system security for your Business.

See the Benefits of Outsourcing your IT